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Colin How

I have been building companies as a founder, operator, executive, advisor, director, investor and mentor since my brothers and I set up a penny fair in the back yard in grade school.

My focus has always been the optimization of talent and capital within an organization combined with customer centric value to drive growth. 

My passion is to help people, teams and companies reach new levels of success through strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship and performance. 

CEO & Managing Director


Andrea Hayes

I am fueled by continuous growth. The process of deepening my understanding of myself and generating a multitude of lenses to see the world through has given rise to my “super power” – truly connecting with others and figuring out what matters to them. In business, this allows me to get to the root of client problems in order to co-create meaningful solutions, to see and unleash the hidden potential in people, and to generate loyal, trustworthy and hardworking teams of people who are operating out of their strengths.

Project Manager & Business Development


Bronwen Coulthard

My ultimate goal is to keep learning and growing as I contribute talents, new and old, to projects I believe in. After completing an unrelated degree, I dove head first into design work and marketing when I discovered that this is where my passions lie. I am motivated by my ability to perceive the positive effect of the work I put my time into - and work tirelessly to see these projects through. 

Operations, Design & Client Relations

Our Team

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